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Single and double layers| Four-layer board| Six-layer board| Copper base/Aluminum substrate|

MCPCB Profile

We can provide various MCPCB with good thermal conductivity, which are widely used in LED lighting and auto lights.

Provide 1-2 Layer MCPCB fabrication.including aluminum based pcb,copper based printed circuit board with UL and ISO certificated.

PCB Profile

We can manufacture double layer and multiple layer FR4 board up to 32 layer, and other HDI, Flex-rigid PCB.

with 14 years of PCB manufacturering experience, we offer services to many electronic manufacturering, High-tech and militory indurtry.

PCBA Profile

PCB Assembly offers a full service for your complex and mixed technology low to medium volume from prototype to production.

with advanced equipment in SMT, we commit to Quality and Customer Service , please contact us for your PCB needs and solutions.

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We have the ability to solve problems

We are professional on MCPCB, PCB and PCBA solution

established in 2009



HYY was established in 2009


Factory area of 8500 square meters


More than 350 staff


Monthly output of 38,000 square meters


SHENZHEN HYY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established in 2009.We concentrate on PCB, MCPCB and PCBA manufacturing. Our products include single layer, double side and multilayer side. our product's materials mainly include FR4 Printed Circuit Board, Aluminum based Printed Circuit Board, and Copper based Printed Circuit Board, which are mainly exported to European, Southeast Asia and USA...
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Production Line

Production Equipment

Reliability Testing Equipment

OUR Advantage

Professionalism comes from four dimensions of delivery standards

Raw material
collection standard

Technical Application

Customized production

Environmental Control Quality
Inspection Standards

Good products need good materials

The collection of product raw materials is far higher than the industry production quality inspection standards, and the major materials are all listed companies in the industry. It has a perennial strategic supply relationship with well-known suppliers in the sheet metal industry: Shengyi Technology, Kingboard Technology, and Jinan Guoji. Copper materials are purchased from Jiangxi Copper Group, and tin raw materials are made of Yunnan tin. The procurement of raw materials is transparent and the quality is guaranteed.

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Good products are based on high technology

A team of managers and technicians with more than ten years of PCB experience, involving more than ten industry customizations such as digital, communication, MP4, medical equipment and GPS, has the ability to deeply optimize the samples given by customers, and create more cost-effective application products for customers. .

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Good product for high standards

We have professional circuit board production lines, adopts the full-process mechanized production process, and customizes double-sided circuit boards, four-layer circuit boards, six-layer circuit boards and multi-layer circuit boards according to customer industry needs. The product delivery ability is strong. According to the customized production volume, the average delivery time of the product is 8 days. And set up an emergency production delivery system, 4 days to achieve rapid product delivery.

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Good products in view of strict control

Products our comany has passed pass the US UL certification, quality system certification ISO9001, ROHS, REACH environmental certification. The first inspection is carried out on each process of the production line to ensure the delivery quality of the product line. Electroplating has a chemical laboratory, which can accurately monitor and record the daily parameters of chemical treatment. Each batch of boards has a hole copper thickness gauge to test the holes for compliance. Batch products are customized and fully tested and shipped. After full inspection by FQC, the products are packaged and put into storage to ensure the quality of product delivery in an all-round way.

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Main Market

Mainly exported to European, Southeast Asia and USA



North America




Southeast Asia


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 choose aluminum substrate PCB

choose aluminum substrate PCB

Everyone knows that aluminum is a kind of metal and has conductivity. How can it be used as a PCB material?   This is because the aluminum substrate is composed...

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