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How to clean the circuit board? How to remove the rosin on the circuit board?

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If the circuit board is cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaning machine, the cleaning effect is very clean. In the past, circuit board manufacturers could only clean manually. On the one hand, it was limited by contemporary technology, and on the other hand, it was restricted by labor costs. The speed of cleaning circuit boards by manual cleaning was slow, and the effect of manual cleaning was not clean.

   With the development of technology, the circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine came into being. Technology is productivity. It is urgent for machines to replace labor. Ultrasonic cleaning machines replace manual cleaning of various circuit boards. If board washing water is added, the cleaning effect will be cleaner.


   At present, there are more and more circuit board manufacturers, and the competition is getting fiercer and fierce. In order to survive, every circuit board manufacturer has to do everything possible to continuously improve quality by optimizing production lines, purchasing automated equipment, and personnel changes. It is understood that with the development and popularization of the times, ultrasonic cleaning machines can be introduced into every production line to automatically help manufacturers remove rosin and wax, saving a lot of trouble.

  How to effectively remove the rosin on the circuit board? It is actually very simple, using the cavitation principle and chemical reaction of the ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove the rosin effect.