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How do aluminum substrate manufacturers clean the aluminum substrate?

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Aluminum substrates need a cleaning process in the production process to clean away the remaining oil, rosin, etc. during the processing. It is widely used due to its good heat dissipation performance and toughness. Let’s learn how aluminum substrate manufacturers do today. Cleaning the aluminum substrate?

   When cleaning, pay attention to two points:

   1. Be careful not to be oxidized.

  2. Can not corrode the surface of aluminum substrate. Aluminum is very active and easily corroded, so special attention should be paid to this point;

In the process of clarity, to achieve the above two points, and to be able to clean, it is necessary to find the correct method and cleaning product. Traditional cleaning likes to use strong alkalis, such as NaOH, but it is not safe to use more than one. , The second is that it is not environmentally friendly, and the cleaning effect is also unstable, which may cause corrosion. Therefore, environmental cleaning agents are generally used for cleaning.


   Environmental cleaning agent is a general term for a new type of cleaning agent. This type of cleaning agent product is non-corrosive and more environmentally friendly. It can effectively clean the oil and rosin on the aluminum substrate. It is a good product for cleaning the aluminum substrate. When in use, the environmentally friendly cleaning agent is dissolved in water in proportion, and then the aluminum substrate to be cleaned is added to the cleaning tank and heated. Using ultrasound can significantly speed up the efficiency. In this way, the cleaning can be completed in a few minutes.

   In addition, environmentally friendly cleaning agents, there are also solvent-based products to choose from, suitable for use in the scrubbing process.