About us


1. High Quality and Competitive Price 
HYYhas exported various PCBs to worldwide customers for years. All PCB and PCBA boards with 100% electronic testing and shipped out with a full set of QA document. We have successfully helped our customers to take more market shares by providing competitive price and good quality PCB, PCBA and OEM products. 

2. Good Communication and No Time Difference Service 
Our sales and professional engineers are good English speakers with many years PCB industry experience. Our sales not only serve you on the regular working time, but also online at Chinese night time. Many customers find it's’ hard to contact with their suppliers on their working time, this makes the communication and important work delayed.
With HYY. you will not have this problem, our sales also online during Chinese night time. 

3. Quick Response 
The fast response is always the competitive advantage in this protean global market. Timely reaction is of course a necessary condition for survival. Huaswin knows it and put it into practice. For bare PCB RFQ, customer will get our quotation in 2 hours, and 3-5days for PCB assembly RFQ. 

5. Perfect Pre-sale Service 
Some projects Gerber files and BOM is not complete? 
HYY offers perfect pre-sale service, helping you to save time and cost by careful data checking& coming up with engineering question (EQ). Our professional engineer will provide production files for customer checking and approval. 

6. Copy PCB and PCBA board 
No Gerber files and BOM?It’s not a problem! HYY powerful engineers can copy pcb and BOMfor you by only a sample board. We can also copy finished product for our customer as per samples, we can optimize or add some additional function if necessary. 

7. One Stop PCB Solution Provider 
HYY Electronics is focus on one stop PCB solution:
PCB design+PCB manufacturing+PCB Assembly+Components sourcing
Our strong engineering and purchasing team help our customers to get satisfied products in a time efficient and cost effective way. 

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